John Quinones: The Tax Man

The Tax Man’s Record:

  • Jeb Bush Vetoed a Quinones Tax Increase That Bush Called “Taxation Without Representation on a Large Scale” [Tampa Bay Times, 6/28/06]
  • “Osceola Taxpayers Paid the Most in Central Florida” – [Orlando Sentinel, 7/24/11]
  • Quinones Voted to Raise Property Taxes by 20%
  • Osceola Property Values Have Dropped by Double Digits Under Quinones - [Orlando Business Journal, 3/11/11]
  • Quinones Voted Against a 2005 Tax Cut That Would Have Benefitted 5 Million Floridians -  [Sun-Sentinel, 4/25/05]
  • Florida State Taxes Increased By 44% While Quinones Was in the Legislature - [US Department of Commerce, accessed 6/20/12]
  • Quinones Voted to Increase Fees on Hair Stylists [HB 293, Vote Seq. 1170, 5/4/06]
  • Quinones Voted to Raise Driver’s License Fees [Tallahassee Democrat, 6/1/03]
  • Quinones Supported a Tax on Emergency 911 Service! [Florida HB 305, 2005]
  • Quinones Called For a Tax on Churches [Orlando Sentinel, 8/06/09]

More Facts:


John Quinones Raised Property Tax Rates 20%

Quinones in Tallahassee: Taxes UP 44%

Quinones in Osceola: Taxes UP 35%